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 SuG - band

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PostSubject: SuG - band   Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:02 am

Sug (typeset as SuG captioned with Heavy Positive Rock) are an independent Japanese rock band, formed in 2006. They are also part of the visual kei movement of Japan. The band has released one EP and several singles, and as of 2008, the band is signed to "Indie PSC", a subdivision of PS Company.


Sug was formed in October 2006 by Takeru, Masato and Yuji who had all been members of another band called Travel, and Shouta. The drummer Mitsuru then joined in November of the same year.

Shouta left the band in February and was replaced by Chiyu on bass. Their first release was "7th Breeze" on the compilation album Cannonball Vol. 03. The band signed to to the visual-kei label PS Company and in August released their first single, "Scheat".

Sug have recently released an EP entitled I Scream Party. To promote their music outside of Japan, Sug performed at "J-Rock Invasion" in Germany alongside Kagrra, Kra, Alice Nine and Screw who are also signed to CLJ Records, a German label.


The name "Sug" is derived from the transliteration of the English word "thug", written in Japanese as (サグ, Sagu?). The name is then simplified to the slightly more romantic "Sug".


* Takeru vocals
* Masato guitar
* Chiyu bass
* Yuji - guitar
* Mitsuru - drums
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SuG - band
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