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PostSubject: MarBell   MarBell I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 05, 2008 11:46 pm

Characterized as gothic and shoegaze, visual band MarBell's music is earnest, dark, and mixes edgy with melodic elements in a perfect balance. From straight punk-ish rock numbers to swing-like shuffle tracks and sorrowful ballads, the band's potential seems unlimited.

Adorned with gothic jewelry and tattoos, female vocalist Mar is often dressed in the immediately identifiable outfits of the world renowned fashion brand, h.NAOTO, and to date she has proven to be not only a talented and unique singer, but also a charismatic and mesmerizing live performer. Depending on the song, her voice will move you to tears or compel you to dance, and each track will leave you wanting more.

Author : Ruka (2008-06-05)
Tsunoda (guitarist) met Mar (vocals) in Tokyo during the summer of 2006 while he was a DJ. One day looking down from his booth he noticed her as she was the only girl there. Ill-matched with the summer and black music in a long black skirt, she didn't blend in with the scenery. Her expression was sad and she said to Tsunoda, "I want to sing." To express her thoughts, he wrote lyrics that rescued her words one by one, and eventually a song had been written.

When Mar was young, she'd invented a big sister who was her constant companion. She had two older brothers who'd left, and the one who aimed to be a racer was the person who understood her the most. Recording progressed bit by bit and her brother looked forward to its completion more than anyone. Before she knew it, that relationship with her brother had made the existence of a big sister unnecessary.

But in the midst of recording the first album, her brother left and didn't return. Her desire to sing, the loneliness that made her need a big sister, the loss of her brother. She still hasn't found suitable words to explain all of these things.

Mar carved her brother's name into her body, and sang out everything in the songs on her first album. Watching her sing while thinking of the brother whose short lifetime had ended, the DJ Tsunoda pictured again his own musical roots. Removing the needle from the turntables, he picked up his guitar and formed MarBell with her.

Though MarBell formed originally with Mar and Tsunoda who is also the producer and arranger, they've now been joined by bassist AZUSA and drummer yu-ya. Their first full album, Sister was released in May this year. Four of the songs from the album were performed by the band at the hide Memorial Summit in early May, which was not only an amazing opportunity for MarBell to play for a huge audience, but also to commemorate hide who has so greatly inspired Tsunoda.

The band has made a video for the song Miss All Birthday, which aired on the television shows "GIRLS WAVE" and "MUSIC FIGHTER," and in April and May Mar appeared in visual kei magazine Cure. Now the band is focusing on live activities; already scheduled are the Rock Kingdom 2008 vol.3 -Rock day Special!!- show and a Like an Edison store "SPECIAL LIVE" in June, followed by Night of Goth N' Romanesque in July. We hope these will be followed up by many more lives and releases in the future from this talented band.

Many thanks to MarBell for the description of the band's formation.

Author : Ruka (2008-06-06)

credits: http://www.jame-world.com/au/database-artist.php?id=800

MarBell Cure580058lt8

MarBell Cure580016fa9

MarBell Cure580017tg0

from hide memorial live,they were there :3

Miss All Birthday PV

here you can download their album Sister:


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