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 Rentrer En Soi - band

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PostSubject: Rentrer En Soi - band   Rentrer En Soi - band I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2008 11:52 pm

Rentrer en Soi (リエントール アン ソイ, rientooru an soi) is a rock band from Japan. In French, the bands name can be literally translated as "to return in oneself," although this is not grammatically correct. The band is composed of five members, and has seen only one member change. Throughout the years, Rentrer en Soi has become more widely known and listened to, still staying as an independent band as of yet.


* Satsuki (砂月, Satsuki?) vocals
* Takumi (匠) guitar
* Shun (瞬) guitar
* Ryo (遼) bass guitar
* Mika (未架) drums

Past Members

* Ao (蒼) guitar


In 2001, the band started out with only four members consisting of Satsuki, Takumi, Ryo, and Ao. In March of 2003, Mika joined the band as the drummer. At the end of a tour in February of 2004, Ao left the group and was replaced by Shun within the month.

The band was signed to European record label, Gan-Shin in 2006, and later to the American division of Free-Will, but have yet to release anything.

In 2007, the band played in the Oni-Con event in Houston, Texas on October 19th, 2007. This was their first concert in the United States.

2008 began with the announcment of their most recent single, "Stigmata", released in March, as well as a coupling tour, "Tour 2008 Death Match", with Unsraw through Japan. The band was announced for the Free-Will event, "Clash Against Commercialism" at Nokia Theatre Times Square in New York City, however the event was cancelled two weeks prior due to difficulty obtaining visas for the musicians. Shortle after, Rentrer en Soi again announced they will perform in the United States for the Anime Next convention.
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Rentrer En Soi - band
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