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PostSubject: OFFICIAL SHINYA THREAD 1#   OFFICIAL SHINYA THREAD 1# I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 9:15 pm

Shinya (born on February 24, in Osaka, Japan) is the drummer of Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was previously a member of La:Sadie's. Shinya has composed a handful of songs for Dir en grey, his compositions alternating between melodic ("Hotarubi", "Fukai") and upbeat tunes ("Raison Detre", "Umbrella").

Shinya used to perform on drum kits by Ludwig and Yamaha Drums and has used cymbals by Alchemy (a cymbal line from Istanbul Agop). He is currently endorsed by Pearl in Japan and is using a Masters Retrospec kit. He has also used a version of this kit with roto-toms instead of traditional toms.

His current drumkit, a Masters Retrospec Maple/White Marine Pearl (According to the Official Pearl Japan Website)
16x13 Tom-Tom
10x8 Tom-Tom
12x8 Tom-Tom
13x8 Tom-Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
20x16 Bass x2
14x5.8 Free-Floating Custom Aluminum Shell Snare
14x3.5 Free-Floating Copper Shell Snare
13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signature Snare
14" AA Metal-X Hi-Hats
18" AAX Chinese
18" AAX Metal Crash x2
12" AA Mini Chinese x2
20" AA Metal-X Chinese x2
21" Signature Carmine Appice Definition Ride
18" Metal-X Chinese
16" AA Chinese
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PostSubject: Re: OFFICIAL SHINYA THREAD 1#   OFFICIAL SHINYA THREAD 1# I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 9:23 pm

Shinya is Dir en grey's drummer. His full name is Terachi Shinya. Shinya was born in Osaka on Feb. 24, 1978. His blood type is B and he stands at 5'7". He has big eyes and full lips for an Asian man, and he could not look like a man if he tried to. Shinya's hair has been both curly and straight, and varying shades of brown and red. Currently it is blonde. He is the youngest member of the band, loves his chichuahua more than anyone else, and hardly ever talks (he is very very very very shy). It is very wrong how good he looks in a miniskirt. He is the only one that does not smoke and he tries to eat healthy, though he has a soft spot for ice cream. He gets teased the most, by his bandmates and interviewers alike.
Shinya Facts

* Shinya loves riddles and reading books that can "train his brain."
* Shinya is very quiet. It took the rest of the band 6 months to figure out he had finally bought a telephone. It was another 6 months to a year before he gave them his number.
* When asked to list his 3 most precious things, Shinya replied: 1. My dog; 2. my parents' dog; 3. Dir en Grey.
* Out of all of his bandmates, Shinya is closest to Kyo.
* When asked to say something to each of his bandmates, Shinya replied with: "Kyo, don't catch a cold. Die, don't let others beat you up. Kaoru, please be gentler. Toshiya, don't be nosy."
* Shinya describes his most blissful moment of the day as: "When I return home. Yumi barks welcome happily, and I will say to him, "I'm back!" The best is sleeping in bed with him. "
* When asked what the moon makes him think of, Shinya replied simply with "rabbit."
* Shinya needs an average of 10 hours of sleep each night, and during holidays he is known to nap with his dog for up to 12 hours.
* When asked what he is confidant about, Shinya replied solving riddles.
* Shinya does not believe he will truly be grown up until he becomes a dad.
* During one of Kyo's speeches at an Osaka concert (involving many "anou's and eto's") he suddenly decided that Shinya would give a short speech. Shinya immediately clapped his hand over his mouth and tried to become invisible. He did eventually speak, but gave the microphone back quickly.
* At the Tokyo NKH Hall Concert, as Dir en grey came out for the second part of the concert, each member sgot on top of the box at center stage. Kaoru grabbed Shinya, picked him up horizontally and set him down on his side in front of the drums.
* A fan once sent Shinya a vacuum cleaner.
* He is also getting involved in things apart from the band. He models jewelry for a company called Wild Strawberry.
* Shinya "blew trumpet" in his high school brass band. Because of this, the rest of the band has teased him about his lips.
* Kyo says that Shinya looks like a space robot and talks like a nutty professor ("Such as, we made nice tea, we would say ‘nice tea’, wouldn’t we ? But Shinya would say ‘this tea is quiet nice tea. What do you put in this tea !’")
* Despite his shy appearance, the rest of the band claims Shinya is rather self-confident.

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