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 Official Toshiya thread 1

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PostSubject: Official Toshiya thread 1   Official Toshiya thread 1 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 9:43 pm

Official Toshiya thread 1 Click


Real Name: [ 原 敏政 ] Toshimasa Hara
Stage Name: Toshiya
Position in Dir en grey: Bassist
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: March 31, 1977
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Star Sign: Aries
Zodiac: Snake
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 126lbs
Shoe Size: 7
Likes: Drawing, Fishing, Resting at home
Dislikes: Bad things
Favorite Foods: Pretty much everything, Vegetable juices
Disliked Foods: Parsely, Broccoli
Favorite Sports: Baseball
Favorite Cigarette: VIRGINIA SLIMS LIGHT 6mg
Favorite Designers: Vivienne Westwood, Masaki Matsushima, Milkboy
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue mostly
Former Bands: D+L ٠ GO SICK

-Learned fashion design
-Nose is ticklish
-Has a red bedroom, because he believes the color red generates power and energy
-Embryo was the first song he ever played his bass with fingers instead of a pick, now he alternates
-Likes to say he was kidnapped by Dir en grey
-Good at drawing. Often seen making cartoons of his fellow bandmates
-Hung out mostly with girls as there were no boys in his neighborhood growing up
-Very open with emotions
-Tends to flirt onstage with the others for the sake of the fans ( the female ones, of course... )

Instrument: Toshiya enjoys playing a variety of makes and models, but sticks to two main brands, Killer, a Japanese only company and ESP like the two guitarists. He plays mostly with a pick, but on Embryo he used his fingers. Since then he goes between pick and fingers for certain songs. His new model is the D-7R-290. Below are the specs for said guitar and price.

Body: Alder

Neck: Hard Maple 3P

Fingerboard: Rosewood, 22fret

Scale: 864mm (Long)

Nut: Bone

Joint: Bolt-On

Bridge: Gotoh J510SJ-4

Pickups: (Front) SJB-1n Seymour Duncan (Plastic Covered)

(Rear) SJB-1b Seymour Duncan (Plastic Covered)

Control: Master Volume, 2 Band Equalizer, Dummy

Color: White

Price: 304,500 yen ($2,591.79)

Meet Toshimasa Hara. Stage name: Toshiya. Affectionately dubbed "Totchi" or "Toshi" by the fans. Born on the thirty-first of March in the year of nineteen and seventy-seven in Nagano, not much is known about his childhood in general save that since there were no other boys around as he was growing up, he ended up having to play with little girls. This wasn't without its benefits, of course. One can imagine that growing up around girls helped him to better understand them and therefore helped him to be more popular with them as he was going through high school, said to have made the boy classmates he did eventually befriend jealous. Now on his way to becoming a musician there is no doubt that he had to take on other smaller jobs to support himself and his aim. These jobs covered everything from working at a factory to video stores and even a sushi shop. What first inspired him to pick up playing the bass was his idol J, who once played bass for the band Luna Sea. He was under the impression, also- it's said, that he thought the bass would be easier to learn than guitar but came to find out otherwise. Like his current bandmates he has had his experience with more independent bands at a young age (between 16-19 estimated), the first being one by the name of D+L. He left this band for GO SICK. It was believed that during the time with this band that he had met Kyo, Kaoru, Shinya and Die who were all currently part of La:Sadie's.. and the group became friends. But there was a clashing between Kyo, Kaoru, Shinya and Die with their current bassist KISAKI, which is what lead to them recruiting Toshiya as their new bassist. Of course, he likes to say that he was "kidnapped" by them. Looking at his new bandmates he didn't really know what to think about them. Especially the vocalist Kyo. But when witnessing the band leader Kaoru telling a skeptic that one day the band would be huge, he was amazed. Amazed at the determination and the confidence. Thus Dir en grey was born.

As a bass guitar player Toshiya is quite amazing. His more notable performances can be heard in songs like Cage. Like his bandmates he has had his hand at getting to compose music, doing so for the likes of Erode, Raison D'etre (with Shinya), Egnirys Cimredopyh +)___ an Injection, Bottom of Death Valley, Red [EM] (with Die and Kyo) and The IIID Empire (also with Die and Kyo). Embryo is noted as the first song that he ever performed without using a pick, using his fingers instead. He now alternates between the two. Like his bandmates Toshiya loves the fans, and so when it comes time for putting on lives he is famous for hanging over Kyo, Kaoru or Die and interacting with them in what could be considered a flirtatious mannerism; "Fanservice". After long shows he is known to launch anything from picks to water bottles to his own shirt. Even used to take out a watergun which he used to squirt the audience with. Personality-wise, Toshiya is rather vibrant and almost child-like. In many of the clips that can be seen on the internet or on DVDs he is usually seen laughing or goofing off. Spoiled, impatient, egoist, selfish..these are just examples of words that the fans have used to describe Toshiya. He is also said to be a man very in touch with his emotions. In the beginning of their career Dir en grey used to be known as a Visual Kei band. Visual Kei is a genre of music that focuses mainly upon looks and theatrics; a style that has mainly died amongst more well-known bands and can now be considered more underground. Dir en grey had long since dropped this title to gain more of a typical rocker style with a Japanese twist. But when they were Visual Kei Toshiya was known to dress in anything varying from leather and PVC to fishnet and lace. These costumes were usually feminine in style and tended to show off his skin. His hair was usually always kept in shades from deep blues to blacks. Toshiya already had a natural beauty to his face that didn't really need accentuated with make-ups, but he was known to sometimes go to extremes like fellow bandmate Kyo; bringing out his eyes and lips. A time eventually came that he passed on this feminine styling to the drummer Shinya while taking on a more boyish appearance for himself. As stated before, though, the band decided it was time that the music mattered more than appearance and so they dropped the Visual Kei appearance and take on a less-eccentric look. Toshiya can still be considered quite silly and playful, of course, but he is a man dedicated to his craft.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Toshiya thread 1   Official Toshiya thread 1 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 9:51 pm

Spoiled, impatient, egoist, selfish

totchi reminds me of issy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes,I banned you.
No,Im not sorry.
I dont like you either!

Official Toshiya thread 1 241707tyqg7g4sgh

Nikad,nijedno nebo
nece biti plavo
poput tvojih ociju...
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Official Toshiya thread 1
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